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American slot online indonesia Pros in WSOP 2011

Yesterday I posted an article summarizing the best Team slot online indonesia performances in WSOP 2011 for pros based in Europe. A number of European pros had incredible success, winning bracelets and enjoying 6-figure cashes. Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier had the most success, cashing for $811,639, but he was followed closely by Maxim Lykov, who cashed for...


Fruit-smuggling in sbo Denmark

The knock came through a dense fog of hyper-sexual dreams and worry that I sbo had somehow missed the final hand of a tournament that had not yet started. I jumped from the bed and found myself standing in a room decorated in East Asian chic. Where in the hell am I? Tai Pei? No, that’s...


Chasing the Flush slothoki

Reading books about poker will not make a bad player a great player. I truly believe that a player must already have that indefinable element. I’m not saying books are worthless, in fact, the right books can make the difference between losing and winning. Just don’t expect to pick up Super/System and go from fish...


Taking Care of Your Health on a Small Paycheck

It is estimated that more than 46 million U.S. citizens are without health care and millions more are struggling to pay health insurance premiums and co-pays. If you are living on a small paycheck and need help controlling mounting medical costs, consider taking advantage of the following options: Go for a high deductible: No one...


Weekly Strategy Compilation – Manipulation 202 and Questions

If you read my posts in the forums, you’ll notice I’ll throw around this word manipulation without too much explanation. In my earlier blog, I did write an article about manipulation where I talked about it in terms of bet sizing. Well, my old blog is gone now, and as I improved as a player...


toto hk Poker Does Away With Tournament Fees!

PartyPoker has always made bold moves and came up with fantastic promotions that translate to money in the grinders’ pockets.  Recently, they’ve made another move that is sure to attract tournament players and create huge waves in the poker industry. toto hk  has gotten rid of all tournament fees for their entire multi-table tournament schedule.  This...


Top 5 Daniel togel Singapore High Stakes Poker Beats

There’s no denying that Mr. Daniel Negreanu is one of the foremost poker players in the world, although reading Youtube comments might convince you otherwise. Armchair analysts are quick to criticise a call or bluff from the security of their anonymity. This practice is particularly common on clips from High Stakes Poker, where Daniel is...


PA togel hongkong Students Ready for Work

Earlier this year, the U.S. state of Pennsylvania legalized blackjack and poker at all of their slots casinos. The move was intended to generate revenue, create jobs, and create more freedom for those who enjoy playing table games at casinos. Atlantic City casino owners, of course, weren’t too pleased, but that’s another story. When the...

Slot Gacor


1.1 In these rules, unless the contrary intention appears: “Act” means the Casino Control Act 1992; “Authority” means the New South Wales Casino Control Authority; “casino promotional voucher” means a voucher of a nominated value offered by the casino operator. A voucher may be redeemed by a patron for an equivalent value in legal tender,...