2K Sports has announced that the World Slot Gacor Tour for PSP will get released this spring. The WPT for PSP has been equipped with real-life professional poker stars. Besides this, the venues featured are also close to real. There are enhanced A.I. players and customizable characters. The online capabilities are also compatible with PS 2 consoles. World Poker Tour for PSP, makes gamers take a seat tat the most prestigious poker tournament in the world. They can play in the tournament and make a name for themselves in the virtual poker arena. Myth-games.com reports:

Online connectivity is a major part of playing World Poker Tour on the PSP. Gamers will have the ability to connect wirelessly with other PSP systems or online to compete against players across the country on both the PSP and the Playstation 2 computer entertainment system.

Omaha Hi-Lo

Most poker rooms today have a game of Omaha Hi-Lo. This game is radically different from Seven-Card Stud and Texas Hold’em where strategy is concerned. Omaha Hi-Lo has a more mathematical approach to it. Hence there is less room for bluffing. The dealing of the cards is similar to that of Hold’em. However, in Omaha Hi-Lo, each player gets four cards. From here on, the play is similar to that of Texas Hold’em. There’s a three-card flop, a round of betting, the turn, more betting and finally the river and then the last round of betting. Players must use exactly two cards from their hand along with three of the community board, to make their hand. Another major feature of Omaha Hi-Lo is that it is a split pot game. Half the pot goes to the best high hand and the best low hand wins, the other half.

Internet Firm – Pokerpromos Launches New Poker Information Website – recentpoker.com

A new poker and casino information site at has been opened by a group of professional poker players, for Atlantic City and Las Vegas. This site offers complete information for the novice as well as the professional poker player. Usprwire.com reports:

They have sections on poker articles, professional poker players, poker room bonuses, even a section dedicated to online casinos. Recentpoker.com has also gone to the trouble of reviewing every major online poker room and rating them in 12 major categories.

New Poker Site – SmartMySuccess.com Launched, Offering Bonus Codes to Players

SmartMySuccess.com is a new poker website, that offers players an extra edge by handing out bonus codes. Through these codes players get extra money added to their accounts, when they sign up. Sbwire.com reports:

These are official bonus codes and are updated on a daily basis, offering poker players that little extra bit of a head start when joining in the fun while playing the latest craze of online poker. The most popular game at  is currently partypoker who offer a choice of three alternate bonus codes that new players can choose between.