There’s no denying that Mr. Daniel Negreanu is one of the foremost poker players in the world, although reading Youtube comments might convince you otherwise. Armchair analysts are quick to criticise a call or bluff from the security of their anonymity.

This practice is particularly common on clips from High Stakes Poker, where Daniel is generally regarded as one of the least successful players. To be fair, he never seems to catch a break in front of the camera. More than anyone else on the show, togel Singapore gets his money in with the best of it, but ends up with the worst of it.

Being a millionaire poker pro and the face of the world’s biggest online poker site doesn’t soften the impact of a bad beat. Especially when you’re watching hundreds of thousands of dollars crawl across the table to your opponent’s stack. Lets take a look at five of his most gut-wrenching hands.

FlopTurnRiver Member Becomes Sponsored Pro on Merge Network

Ben “reasons14” Reasons, a member of, has become the newest poker pro at Black Chip Poker. Black Chip is located on the Merge Network which still accepts US players.

Reasons14 began his career in Pokemon but has since transitioned to poker. Ben dominated 18 man Sit & Gos on PokerStars for the past couple years and is now having success at low and midstake cash games. The freedom to quit on the fly, rather than wait for a tournament to end, attracted Ben to cash games.

Reasons14 is excited to promote Black Chip Poker. His pro status allows him to negotiate high rakeback deals for players he refers. Besides rakeback, Ben has conveyed that the Merge Network is very soft, especially its multi-table tournaments.

We wish Ben the best of luck at Black Chip Poker!

Groupe Bernard Tapie and the DOJ Agree to Terms for Potential US Full Tilt Payout

For weeks, Groupe Bernard Tapie and the U.S. Department of Justice have been in discussions about the money seized from payment processors that were destined to the hands of former Full Tilt Poker players. There has finally been word that GBT and the DOJ have struck a deal that includes the DOJ paying American players the money that is rightfully theirs.

This news allows GBT to continue with its potential purchase of Full Tilt Poker. Pending on the agreement of Full Tilt Poker’s shareholders, GBT will be fully responsible for the repayment of Full Tilt’s debt to non-American players. A two-thirds ownership interest must vote to approve this pending deal. Groupe Bernard Tapie will propose its deal to buy FTP after final details are worked out with the US Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York.

The following email from Ray Bitar was sent out earlier today to multiple shareholders of Tiltware:

Dear members,

I am pleased to announce that today the Department of Justice and Groupe Bernard Tapie have reached an agreement in principle regarding the acquisition of the companies comprising FullTiltPoker. My understanding is the deal provides that in exchange for an agreed upon payment by GBT, and a GBT commitment to assume responsibility for payment of ROW players, DoJ will reimburse US players and settle the outstanding civil litigation with the companies comprising FTP. Beyond these conditions, issues like the time frame and process for repayment of players remain unclear at this point and time.

With DoJ’s consent now in hand, GBT may now proceed to finalize an agreement to acquire the companies or assets that comprise FTP. That agreement will very likely address the status of your shares or interests in the successor company. When I receive that agreement, I will coordinate with our attorneys to ensure the terms of that proposed agreement will be shared with the membership and voted on.


This continues a huge week for the American online poker community. Blanca Gaming, owners of the Cereus Network (the other large poker network that has failed to pay its debt to American players), is considering selling its assets to repay its debt to American players. Hopefully this news will push Blanca Gaming to repay their players faster. Additionally, MGM Mirage, Boyd Gaming, and Party.Bwin have teamed up to provide players with an online poker room should it become legal in the United States.