Throughout my first few times playing big tournaments with big starting stacks for free, aces were golden for me. I used them to double the Online Casino Malaysia of my chip stack, or at least get a few chips from folds around the table, every time that I got them throughout my first four tournaments. That pair only showed up in my hand in two of the four, and both times they helped me finish in the top 30 out of over a thousand players.

Yesterday morning, which had less people in it because it was morning, I played a cautious game and had a few more chips than I started with after playing for a little over an hour. Then

I saw one ace, and another, and both were exactly where I wanted them to be. Someone raised before me, but that meant to me that I had a very good chance to get a lot more chips. I made a substantial re-raise and was called by one person – the some one who made the initial raise. The flop didn’t help me but there was nothing terrifying like multiple face cards, so I made an all-in bet. My opponent had a king and a jack, and called me after pairing the king on the flop. I had to get unlucky sometime – the turn card was a jack and the river card didn’t help me.

I believe that what I did was the right way to play my cards. I shouldn’t have limped in, because that would’ve given other players more of a chance to get lucky. An all-in bet before the flop probably wouldn’t get anyone who would call a 7000 chip bet to fold, but then I wouldn’t have had a chance to take the large pot risk-free if the flop hadn’t helped my opponent. Hardly betting at all unless I caught a set wouldn’t have been much good either since I couldn’t afford to wait to make a nearly unbeatable hand at that point with about 12,000 chips. In the long run, having large bets called by someone with a much weaker hand should be very profitable but it was frustrating at that point.

I suppose that it gave me some idea what Phil Hellmuth feels like before he goes on one of his notorious rants about bad players getting lucky at his expense. At least I didn’t lose to jack seven unsuited.

Waiting for Jesus (Ferguson, not Christ)

At Full Tilt Poker, one of the play money tables is called “Chris Ferguson”. I wondered why, and then I went to the table and found out. My experience there last night inspired the following verses:

All day at that table the site saves him a seat

I hoped to be able to point click and compete

With a legend and maybe hand him a crushing defeat

Even if he beat me that would have been pretty sweet

To learn from a master with such a big name

I waited for Jesus, but Jesus never came

He’s got the most hair out of the poker gods

Much of his skill comes from his knowledge of odds

Odds are he’d take my chips if we played head-to-head

But I settled for others taking my play money instead

Because of his talent as well as his fame

I waited for Jesus, but Jesus never came

He’s no savior but he is an expert chip taker

Out of poker’s Chrises he’s the true moneymaker

I played a hundred hand out of hope I’d have a chance

To play with the champ who is into ballroom dance

I felt like I might turn into a fossil, man, like Greg Raym –

Er waiting for Jesus because Jesus never came