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Sunny Casinos, the parent company of Casino Fortune , as well as 4 other casinos & sportsbooks, today unveiled its intention to purchase 100% of the assets of Gold Gate Casino.

Sunny Casinos, the parent company of Casino Fortune , as well as 4 other casinos & sportsbooks, today unveiled its intention to purchase 100% of the assets of Gold Gate Casino. The new casino is forecasted to be fully managed by Casino Fortune by June 15th 2002. All customer deposits for Gold Gate Casino will be assumed by Casino Fortune. “We want to assure all members that all customer deposits and balances will be safe. Gold Gate Casino fits in with the same style, stability and payout credibility as the other Sunny Casinos and will do exceptionally well under their care”, a representative of Gold Gate stated.

Gold Gate Casino is yet another Playtech Software outfit. Currently, they offer One Zero Roulette, Blackjack, Video Poker, Slots, Baccarat, 5-Reel Slots, Caribbean Poker, Deuces Wild Video Poker, Keno, Magic Slots, Pai Gow Poker & Craps. An added attraction of Gold Gate lies in the existence of a superior Affiliate Program. Affiliates receive ‘affiliate referral bonuses’ for every affiliate referred – all the way down to 5 tiers.

This acquisition is set to reinforce Sunny Casino’s position in the industry as they now own and operate 3 land based casinos, 4 online casinos, 2 sportsbooks and have recently been awarded a slot machine license in Barbados.

“The purchase of Gold Gate Casino is a major step in Sunny Casinos’ quest for primacy in the online gaming industry,” said Peron Mahabir, Managing Director of Sunny agen slot online Casinos. “We look forward to the additional volume, and the profits to be generated by this new addition to our family. More importantly we intend to uphold the reputation of always placing our customers first”, he added. Sunny Casinos Chairman, Dr. Waldron-Ramsay further explained, “Sunny Casinos expects to purchase several additional smaller online casinos in the coming months. This is a time for industry consolidation and we are positioned to assist smaller entities at this time.”

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All Sunny Casinos bring the glamour and excitement of Las Vegas casino action to your PC. Fast payouts, twenty-four hour customer service, lucrative sign up bonuses, a rewarding comp points program, loyal player perks, and big prizes and promotions, make Sunny Casinos the leading destinations for wagering online.

XGAMING Video Game Round Up At E3

XGAMING, cutting edge manufacturer of game accessories, provides a summary of Electronic Entertainment Expo Summary.

Los Angeles, CA – May 29, 2002 – Did you enjoy dropping quarters in arcade machines to play arcade classics and fighting games? Don’t you wish you could do the same thing at home on your game console or PC? Gamers from all over the world got a chance to do just that this week at the Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles. Crowds fought for a chance to play the X-Arcade, an authentic game controller that has set the game industry abuzz with it’s multi-platform capability and industrial design.

The game industry experts who visited the year’s largest tradeshow found the authentic arcade device on PC, XBOX, Gamecube, Apple, PS2 and Dreamcast. The X-Arcade allows you to relive the authentic arcade experience with real arcade parts and controls on any game system. The device provides a life-like arcade experience at the touch of your fingers with hand constructed arcade design and indestructible arcade-grade parts.

Developer and President, Shawn R. Walters of XGaming, said “we had an excellent response from game players and industry executives and are excited about the retail launch. “

The success of the show will be further carried over into major retail stores for a nationwide retail launch set for August.

New Technology Turns The Industry’s Eyes

With current game manufactures designing products which fit the “me-too” design, looking similar and only being differentiated by price, XGAMING aimed to fill a market void by creating a high end, unique product, that also offered a solution for gamers who have more than one game device.

“With success of PC and cross-over into XBOX/PS2/GAMECUBE, gamers are left purchasing accessories for each system, rather that having a one- stop, high end option for all.” Said Walters. XGAMING began negotiations with several accessory manufactures to license the multi-platform technology for use in other products which would all work under the X-MS family of adapters. Once a customer owns adapters for each system, any device manufactured using the X-MS technology would instantly work with any system.


XGAMING, A California Corporation with offices in Los Angeles, CA designs, develops, and markets technologies for the Interactive Entertainment Industry. Xgaming is a leading developer of innovative peripherals with a core competency of the creative design of high end, value-added products with a focus and emphasis on focused attention to product quality and customer service.

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