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The WSOP Academy has new instructors and payment options

Las Vegas and Atlantic City poker players will have the advantage of planning ahead for their WSOP Academy classes.

The first event will be an Advanced Academy at the , on November 7-8, just two days before the final table of the WSOP Main Event. Regular Academy teachers Phil Gordon, Mark Seif, Paul Wasicka, Alex Outhred as well as sign expert Joe Navarro will be teaching at this event.

He is also set to make his WSOP Academy professor debut Charley Swayne, an expert in poker probability and statistics as well as Sam Chauhan, a motivator who will teach a seminar on how to achieve the optimal poker mindset.

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The Academy then travels to Atlantic City for a two-day event at the Showboat Casino, November 22-23. Alex Outhred, Greg Raymer, Hevad Khan and Joe Navarro will be present at this event.

Players at both events will have the chance to play in private tournaments with the winner receiving a seat in the WSOP Circuit Main Event of their choice, valued at $5,000.

The value of the classes in the Advanced Academy is $1,999, and you can make a payment of only $499 to reserve a place. Cost for the Atlantic City event is $1,499 and only $375 is required to register. Additional payments for tuition will be billed in three installments in the following months.

“We are making it simple for poker players to invest in their game and become winners with our play now pay later system,” said Jeff Goldenberg of Post Oak Productions, the company that produces the WSOP Academy. “Our November WSOP Academy events will see some of the best known poker players sharing their secrets and strategies with them. I am confident that our graduates will gain the confidence and skills they need to be a threat at the poker tables.”

Space at the WSOP Academy events is limited, and both events are expected to be sold out before they begin. Additional details of the Las Vegas and Atlantic City events are available on the academy site!