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Cricket is the most popular and most liked team sport.  It is an international game and played by over 100 countries that are members of International Cricket Council. People enjoying betting on cricket can find many guides providing lot of information about the basics of it. The information would also include betting types, tips, strategies, major events as well as the odds of the betting. This article shall provide you quite a lot of informative stuff about the cricket betting.

Basic and types of cricket bets

The best thing about cricket betting is that you can find numerous options. Unlike other betting sports, cricket will allow you to bet on many alternatives. Before going to bet at cricket events, you should know about some of the main cricket bets. Some are mentioned below, check it out.

Match scores: This bet is placed ok the number of runs scored by the teams in the match.

Series scores: When the series is played by the teams, the bet is placed on the result.

Top bowler: The bet is placed on the player taking many numbers of wickets of the opposite team.

Top batsman: The bet here is placed on the number one batsman of the total series.

Odd run score/even run score: This bet is very simple. The bet is actually placed on even number of runs or on odd number of runs.

Some strategies and tips of cricket betting

To become successful and increase the winning Slot Online Terpercaya probabilities, it is very much important to know everything about the sport. Watching cricket matches and reading the articles related to cricket is quite helpful in knowing about the teams as well as the players. You can get such information very easily from the internet. Sportsbook providing odds is also useful in knowing about the position of the teams. However, personal knowledge by researching is far more important than by reading some other’s stuff. Therefore, study and research as much as you can.

Top 3 Apps

Let us take a quick glance over the top 3 and the most used betting applications of cricket betting as given below.

Blue square

Sky bet

Boyles sport

Top 3 sites of cricket betting

After knowing a lot about the cricket betting, you must be thinking where you can place bets on cricket. Have a look below.



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