Togel Singapore

It’s been a while since we last looked at Roulette. No harm done because in terms of its online life Roulette has proven to be a remarkably stable game. What has changed a little though is the Single-Zero scene and that’s what we’ll focus on today.

Let’s re-cap the Roulette variations we’ll see on the web:

The standard American Roulette table has 38 numbers including 0 and 00 which yields a house edge of about 5.3%.

The European table does not have the 00 which means the house edge is shaved down to about 2.7%.

Some European games offer the “en-prison” rule: if the ball falls on O all even money bets are imprisoned; if an imprisoned bet wins on the next spin the bet is returned to the player. This player-friendly rule drops the house edge to about 1.4%.

A similar variation to “en-prison” is the French “la partage” rule where even money bets are split between the player and the house on 0. House edge for “la partage” is the same as “en-prison” at 1.4%.

There’s an Atlantic City variation on the American game which holds that on 0 or 00 all even money are split and half is returned to the player. The other half goes to the casino. The house edge on the Atlantic City games (also known as “New Jersey Rules”) is about the same as the basic European game (2.6%).

Last time around we reported on a variety of casinos that offered the Single-Zero game. Of those Lasseters continues to offer its Single-Zero game _and_ its unique low-roller 1¢ bets.

Kiwi Casino also retains the Single-Zero game in spite of having changed software providers. Current min/max bets in the Kiwi game are $1 and $300.

Cherry Casino returns with the Single-Zero game. Regarding their Togel Singapore betting spread Paul Wilson of Cherry Casino reports that “the lowest bet is $1 and the highest bet would be $500 per spin.”

Gaming Club also continues with their Single-Zero game as do the Stanley Casinos which include Stanley Acropolis, Crockfords Online Casino, and Star City Casino.

Global Player offers “French Roulette” which is the basic European table. Minimum bet is 20¢ but neither the “en-prison” nor “la partage” rules apply. Maximum bets appear to be $4000 but Global Player frequently updates their Roulette games –they offer several– so your mileage may differ.

In fact, as of this writing, no Single-Zero online casinos are known to currently offer the “en-prison” or “la partage” rules. Having said that Cryptologic casinos (Intercasino, etc) are unique in that they now offer the Atlantic City variation of the game with its “en prison” rule within a Double-Zero game. As mentioned above this puts such a game on par with the European Single-Zero games.

Finally, a number of Microgaming-powered casinos now offer the Single-Zero game. These include Spin Palace Casino, Lucky Nugget Casino, Jackpot City Casino and Golden Tiger Casino.

Let’s take a peak inside the crystal ball to see what the Year 2003 may have in store for Internet gambling.

Five lucky players will be made instant millionaires when they hit progressive jackpots on Internet slot machines.

The United States will finally give up attempts to prohibit Internet gambling, and focus on regulation.

Professional poker players will flock to the Internet believing there are scores of amateur poker players waiting to be fleeced. They will be right.

The era of “bonus hunting” will come to end. One-time sign-up bonuses will give way to monthly bonuses and extensive comp programs for regular players. Players will become more loyal to their favorite online casinos.

MGM Grand ( will discover that they need to accept U.S. wagers if they are going to make serious revenue at their online casino. They will help pave the way for regulated Internet gaming in the USA.

At least one major celebrity will endorse an Internet casino.