Reuters: Next Generation iPhone coming in September

Reuters reports that sources close to Apple have confirmed that the production process of the next generation iPhone will start in July or August. The new iPhone is expected to enter the market in September, according to Reuters. In their article they also indicate that the appearance will not be much different compared to the current iPhone, it will however get a faster processor, which will probably be the same A5 processor as the one being used in the iPad 2.

The new device is likely to be called the 4S, and not the iPhone 5. These are however all rumors of three people that are ‘close’ to Apple, nothing is confirmed by Apple as always. The companies that are supplying parts for the new iPhone, will start delivering parts to Foxconn in either July or August.

Foxconn is one of the companies that does the assembly of the iPhone and other Apple products. Other part suppliers are Largan Precision Co Ltd (camera modules), WintekCorp. (Touch panels) and Foxconn (housing).

The iPhone 4 was announced in June 2010, and was available for consumers later that month. Previous iPhone also came in June/July, but it is expected that the next generation iPhone will be slightly later.

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