I felt well enough to play a SNG last night, and luckboxed my way to a win. I certainly didn’t play well.

I got in trouble early by talking myself into making a terrible river call for 2/3 of my chips with 2nd pair. I was completely convinced my opponent had missed his draw and overbet the river to steal the pot. In fact, he made two pair on the river and overbet because he must have known I’m a tight-weak calling station.

I had nothing playable for several orbits and was in danger of being slot onlain with an M below 2 in the SB. Picked up JJ, quadrupled up to get a playable stack and survive. Later, I caught lucky with a series of 3-outers. I wasn’t feeling too bad, though, as FT must have turned the bad-beat switch on last night – I was getting hammered by the 3-outers just as badly.

It was a sick game altogether, and gave me no satisfaction beyond the $49 win.

How to Piss-Off the Blogosphere

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post “Apology”:

Seems to me that Criteo has resorted to spam again. They spammed me this morning – I can’t believe startups like this who wish to be taken seriously resort to spamming to build their brand and product awareness. They must have calculated any negative press will be offset by the awareness they get. I hope they miscalculated – the market should weed out this kind of slimmy tactic.

Their email to me started with: “I noticed your blog on Technorati and wanted to tell you…” but I don’t have a blog on Technorati! You suck Jean-Baptiste.

I’m really sorry to hear that. I thought they were being honest when they responded to my angry e-mail, but I guess not.

Another Way to Make Money Online

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