Playing ok, but a bad run over the weekend kinda sucked. That ship is righted.

I want to play, but getting those multi-hour sessions in these days is pretty tough. One SNG a day makes it tough to work on my game and get in any kind of rhythm.


A good doctor visit this afternoon has me feeling good about myself. My weight is in control (down 59 lbs on the doc’s scale), and I’m gearing up for my next big push starting Setember 23. You’ve gotta wait to find out what’s so special about September 23.

Work has me feeling good, too. Being under-employed and working retail sales truly sucks, but the key word is “employed”. It also helps that my salesmanship is getting stronger every week. They rank everyone in the district by sales productivity ($/hr), and I started out in 6th amongst my peers (~20 people), and move up a spot each pay period. I’m in the top 10 when ranked against everyone in the district (~150 people). My confidence is high again, and I’m ready to push again on the job-hunt for the career position. I think I might enjoy moving into account management or B2B sales, if that opportunity shows up.


We took the Indobet88 out for a treat after dinner tonight – gelato! On the way to the store Mrs. Big and I started wondering “What ever happened to ______?” This guy was someone that Mrs. Big knew who worked for a major insurer and contracted through another common friend to have Mrs. Big sub-contract on some training and development projects. A few years later, the common friend announced that, after a long investigation, the guy had been arrested for embezzlement. He’d been submitting fake invoices for consulting projects and the common friend had been dragged through hell because he’d somehow gotten these projects they’d worked on into his paper trail to the tune of $300K.

Yeah, we never saw any of that.

Anyway, he did time, a couple years worth. And, wouldn’t you know it, he walks through the door of the store as we were finishing.

Mrs. Big panicked and ran to the bathroom. I’d never met the man, so he didn’t pay me any mind. Mrs. Big came back out, avoided eye contact and hit the door.

Weird. Twilight zone weird.

BSN, thy name is FISH

Does anyone on Party ever fold? Ever?

The lessons I have to keep learning… yes sir, your third pair is good on a board with overs, straight possibilities, flush possibilities, and 2/3 of your remaining chips to call the tightest player at the table…

So, here’s a question for the masses – what do you do when you KNOW – KNOW- what they are holding, and you know there is no way someone that KNOWS poker can call, do you bluff at the river anyway when the first two bullets missed?

Why, oh why, can’t I keep a lesson learnt? Why must I continue to re-learn them over and over?