Google Australia is under investigation for breaking Australian law by allowing online slot online advertising.

Although Google Australia does not directly list links to poker and gambling advertising when someone uses common terms such as poker, or gambling during a search, it has not cracked down on listings that appear if a user misspells the search term.

Link to a story, and long Slashdot thread here.

At the same time, both Canada and the US are starting to pay attention to the ads by the free-money sites run by Party Poker and others in media where online gambling advertising is not allowed

The media hype around stories like this always exceeds the legislature’s ability to act quickly and decisively, but it does seem as if anti-gambling sentiments are more prevalent among lawmakers lately than any concerted moves to legalize and regulate.

A couple recent reader questions and comments. SHSPOKERKING writes:


I have no idea, can anyone help him out with the answer? (And if not, can anyone help him find the caps lock key?)

Over two years ago I posted about Jeffrey Trauman, the professional online sports gambler who got busted after reporting his winnings to the IRS, thus becoming the first person in the US to be charged and convicted of online gambling. Daren posted this interesting comment on that post this week:

I know Jeff personally, although I haven’t spoken with him for 4 years. He actually didn’t know that online gambling was illegal in ND. In addition to that, he reasoned that what he was doing was not immoral since he was playing the middles and therefore he was guaranteed of winning. This assurance of return, to him, meant that he was not taking a chance on losing him money. Jeff is a good guy, but I caution anyone who gambles because of the addictive power involved.

Thanks for the post Daren, interesting follow-up.

But probably not in the way you think — Kinky Friedman is definitely exploring alternative means of funding in his bid for Texas governor.

Friedman responded, “You have no idea how lucky I am.”

The candidate was at Harrah’s in New Orleans last weekend and hit a progressive jackpot on a slot machine. For the uninitiated, that’s three rows of double stars.

Friedman won $45,612.

According to our source, Friedman’s quote was, “It’s a sign from the Lord.”

Friedman reportedly deposited $40,000 into his campaign account today.

Via Harvey Kronberg’s The Quorum Report (Thanks, Mark!)