How to synchronize folders with Dropbox

We have already talked about Dropbox several times, and you should check it out even if you are not going to use this tutorial. Dropbox is a free online service, that easily lets you share files and store this on a virtual drive on the internet. Thanks to the huge success of Dropbox, more and more useful applications became available.

Normally it is only possible to synchronize folders that are in the Dropbox folder. But we now have a cool addon: MacDropAny lets you easily sync folders that are outside the Dropbox folder with your online Dropbox. MacDropAny does this make making clever use of the so-called symbolic links.

MacDropAny is extremely simple to use. Just start the application and select a folder that is outside the Dropbox folder. After that you have to select a location where the symbolic link will be created, this have to be within your Dropbox folder and you will have to name it as well. After completing these steps the folder will be automatically synched with your online Dropbox.

If you still have a lot of space available, you can create multiple folder with MacDropAny.

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