How to improve battery life in iOS 4.3, Ping bug

Lots of iPhone users are complaining that the battery life has seriously dropped since the release of iOS 4.3. On the Apple discussions Forum there are a several number of complaints regarding the shortened battery life, but complaining isn’t the only thing they are doing cause they may found a workaround.

Several users report that the built-in Ping function could be appear to be the cause of the shortened battery life. Ping uses its own framework and this seems to ask a lot of the processor and network traffic. This may be caused by a bug in the framework which causes ghost processes.

We can however disable the Ping feature under Parental control. You can do this by browsing to settings > general restrictions and turn off the Ping option. After that it is better to restart your iPhone, to close all ping processes.

You should notice a improvement in battery life, and it is possible that Apple will fix this with a quick iOS update. Until then we suggest you keep ping turned off.

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