Were you looking for information on the new beta Mac Party Poker?

New Macintosh poker rooms are popping up all the time now. Full Tilt Poker just released a downloadable version of their software for Mac OS X computers.

Full Tilt Poker on a MacI run all my Mac or PC poker rooms on a Mac PowerBook. To run PC only rooms I had to use a crappy PC emulator called virtual PC and The only poker room I can use on it is jala 428 which happens to run flawlessly. Full Tilt Poker kind of worked, but the rest of the poker rooms lag like you’re running a 56k modem in the 90’s.

The new Mac version of Full Tilt Poker is awesome! It downloads right into your applications folder and runs like any other Mac application. The mac software looks almost exactly like the PC version of Full Tilt Poker. It’s still in the beta version but I don’t see any bugs on the Mac Full Tilt Poker at all.

Full Tilt Poker on a MacMost people don’t like using Macs, but after switching to an apple computer from a virus and spy ware filled PC, I would never go back. There are literally no major viruses for a Mac. I haven’t heard of any at least. I’ve had a PowerBook for over a year now and have never had any spy ware or popups. The only drawback there to using a Mac is there was no Macintosh poker software. But now with PokerStars running fine on virtual pc and poker sites like Full Tilt Poker coming out with new Mac compatible software that’s not a problem any more.

Visit Full Tilt Pokers Mac beta page fulltiltpoker.com/bonusMacBeta.php. When you create a new account on Full Tilt Poker use the bonus code THEPOKERBUS for a 100% up to $600 bonus.

EDIT: The Mac Full Tilt Poker version is out of beta. Visit the their website to get it. Use the bonus code TPB600.

Doyle Brunson’s run in with the law

On July 8th 2005, WPT Enterprises (WPTE) stock shot up 49% to $26.50. This happened right after news was released that poker superstar, Doyle Brunson bid $700 million to take over the WPT. Since then the stock prices have declined due to the credibility of his offer.

This looks like a “pump and dump” scheme. Doyle made an outrageously high bid to hype up the price of the stock. The stock rises up a huge amount, much more then it’s worth. Then all the insiders, knowing what’s going to happen, sell the stock at this inflated price making a bundle of money.

The SEC said this event cost WPTE investors, “tens of millions of dollars in lost market value”.

On Friday December 16th the SEC declared they would be investigating this issue. They said that Doyles law firm, Goodman law, immediately stopped responding to the WPT’s request for more information about the offer. Doyle hasnt responded to any of these accusations yet due to his protection under the 5th amendment.