Event 10 of the FTOPS 8 was the third pot-limit Omaha  꽁머니tournament on the schedule. However, this was the first one that was hi/lo, aka Omaha 8 or better. This was one of the smaller guarantees, with a $200 + $16 buy-in with the prize pool being at least $200,000. The loud and well known Mike Matusow was the host for this event, and is known for being one of the best Omaha players in the world. He has a WSOP bracelet in Omaha and has won many tournaments throughout the years.

In total, 1137 people registered to play makig the prize pool $227,400. Only 13 Full Tilt pros competed in this event, including Mike Matusow, Lee Watkinson, Chip Jett, and Scott Fischman. Only one of these pros would make it in the money, and coincidentally it was the host Mike Matusow. If you remember last FTOPS, Erick Lindgren became the first ever host to win an FTOPS event, and sadly Matusow couldn’t repeat this eventually finishing in 47th place. 108 places were paid, and first place was worth $51,165!

Going into the final table, we saw something that is pretty rare; almost everyone was dead even in chips. There was no clear favorite, as you can see:

playerforty4 527,931

whothedonk 431,066

hamazriya 395,250

Se_Musta_Mies 393,880

Chessmanrus 373,052

kvnpat 364,315

Madame Maria 357,020

lilkimmer77 323,026

TheZQZ 245,460

The chip leader, playerforty4, only had a slight lead over the rest of the field. In second place, whothedonk was at a familiar place. He was sitting with his yellow avatar at this final table because he had already won a FTOPS event earlier this series; event 2, $256 PLO Knockout! With the blinds starting at 20k/40k it was a guess as to who would run good and play the best. Unfortunately for TheZQZ, he would come in the short stack and be out first when he got allin with Ac7s4c3s against the AsQh5s3c of Madame Maria. The flop came an ugly Qs8h8d and TheZQZ was basically drawing dead. He couldn’t hit any runners and took 9th place for $3,638.

Again Madame Maria would find herself trying to eliminate another player, when she held AdAcQc3s against kvnpat’s AsQsKd4d. The flop was a monster for Maria, 4cJs9c, and the turn 2c sealed it for her making the nut flush. kvnpat would finish in 8th place for $5,116. Madame Maria now had the chip lead with 586k chips.

The next few finishes would be whothedonk, who couldn’t earn himself another FTOPS title this series, and won $6,822 for 7th place. In 6th place, hamazriya became another victim for Madame Maria, earning $10,233, when his As3s8c2c couldn’t take down Maria’s AcJs6s2s. Maria now sat with over 1.5 million in chips and was the clear favorite to win. Playerforty4 was the next elimination in 5th place, netting $14,212, after flopping trips but getting outdrawn by the nut flush of Se_Musta_Mies on the turn.

Down to 4 way action the blinds had hit 50k/100k and here is how the chip counts looked:

Chessmanrus 1,581,901

Madame Maria 1,070,977

lilkimmer77 441,980

Se_Musta_Mies 166,142

As you can see Se_Musta_Mies had only a little over a bb left and had to ship all-in UTG with Ad8dQh6c, and was called by Chessmanrus in the bb with Qc3CJd9h. Chess flopped a pair of 3s and surprisingly it held to the river, knocking out Se_Musta_Mies in 4th for $18,760. However, Chessmanrus would take a turn for the worse, losing a lot of pots to Madame Maria, and found himself with just 117k left at 60k/120k. He shipped all-in and was called by both players, who checked it all the way down to the river, but Chessman tripled up with a set of Aces and no one had a low. It was a roller coaster ride for Chessman, and just 2 hands later found himself eliminated by Madame Maria who flopped top pair and turn a better low. Chessmanrus collected $23,990 for his 3rd place finish.

Started heads up, Madame Maria has a 3:1 chip leader over lilkimmer77 who had been relatively quiet at the final table:

Madame Maria 2,669,788

lilkimmer77 741,212

However, never count anyone out! Quickly into the heads up match, Madame Maria raised and lilkimmer moved all-in and was called by Maria. Madame showed As9s6d2d and kimmer had AcKcTc3s. The flop came Qd4s2h, which made things interesting for both players. The Td on the turn made a sweat, but when the 8c fell on the river, lilkimmer77 doubled up to 1.5 million and was now close to Madame with 1.9 million.

In a few more exchanges, lilkimmer77 would get the best of Madame Maria, taking over the chip lead.  Then a huge all-in confrontation happened, lilkimmer having AdTh7d5d and Maria Ks7s7h8d.  The flop was beautiful for lilkimmer, 6c2d4d flopping a low and the nut flush draw, and hit the nut flush on the turn when the 9d dropped!  Madame Maria is probably disappointed holding the chip lead for most of the final table, but she took 2nd place for $32,404.  Congratulations to the winner of the FTOPS 8 event 10 winner, lilkimmer77, who walked away with the avatar and $51,165!