The government of Finland has just announced plans to offer a 100 megabit broadband connection to every home and business in Finland!

This follows on from their declaration last year; that a broadband Internet connection is a human right – and that every home in Finland will have a minimum 1 megabit per second connection.

100 megabit connection by 2015

The plan is for every home or business is to be within 2 kilometres of a super fats, 100 megabits fibre connection.  Whilst some homes will need to face the cost of that last 2 kilometres of fibre, it’s an opportunity that’s a pipe dream (sorry for the pun) for most of us.

When you consider that the population of Finland is under 6 million, yet its population is spread over an area that’s roughly the same size as the UK and Ireland combined, this is quite a project.

Well done Finland

I applaud the Fins for aiming at such a lofty goal.  I also hope it encourages (or shames) other governments to start investing in the kind of broadband infrastructure that people and businesses need.

Why Apple’s BIG announcement will disappoint many!

Everyone’s talking about the Apple Tablet, nick-named the Apple iSlate.  So, here’s a quick prediction for all those tech pundits and bloggers expecting ‘game-changing’ hardware from Apple, in their big announcement this week.

I think you “might” be disappointed!

See, I have a hunch that what we are about to see is essentially a bigger iPod touch; with a few bells and whistles because of the extra space and horsepower.  In other words, a slim, multi-touch tablet, with a beautiful display and some sweet software. Software and user experience is where I believe the magic will be.

Here’s what I think the BIG Apple story will be

I’m expecting the BIG part of the announcement to be less about the actual Apple hardware and MORE about how this new, bigger multi-touch device will encourage people to use computers in a different way.  The form factor ‘should’ be about right for a multi-user device, which would be used by the whole family to watch video, read the papers, surf and connect with the whole social media / social networking world.

It’s no secret (any more) that Apple have been speaking with newspaper / magazine publishers.  Equally, Kindle owners seem to love reading on a tablet size device – but are often frustrated at the lack of functionality.  The new Apple device will, I predict, solve that problem and offer a ton of great software features.

It’s a no-brainer that the device will look great and be slim (it’s Apple after all.)  But I genuinely feel that those just looking for the kind of amazing game-changing hardware advances made by the first iPhone will be disappointed. I think the game changing part will be the user experience.

Let’s see!

What do you think?

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