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Official Rules of Poker

8. Commission/Table Charge 8.1 The casino operator shall levy a fee at each poker table in the form of a commission. This commission, known as a rake, may be either a straight percentage of the pot, a fee per hand, or a time charge on each player participating in the game. The casino operator shall...


Are one-bedroom condominiums a good investment with Completely Online Title Loans No Phone Calls?

One-bedroom condominiums historically have not been considered as good an investment as condos with two bedrooms or more. But in high-cost markets, such as Manhattan or the San Francisco Bay Area, one-bedroom condos have proven to be equally good investments. Helping that along are changing demographic trends. With more single home buyers in the market...


Congressman Wolf howls for another Internet Gambling study

An investigative arm of the U.S. government has launched an in-depth study that is expected to further scrutinize the impact Internet gaming has on U.S. citizens. The U.S. General Accounting Office’s study will build upon last year’s National Gambling Impact Study. U.S. Rep. Frank Wolf, R-Va., has again requested that the General Accounting Office look...

Holy Vible

Absolute moral standards – are they possible? What is Holy Vible

One of the most common claims of religious adherents is that atheists and agnostics are incapable of true moral behaviour because they do not acknowledge moral laws of a divine origin. Whereas god’s laws are absolute – always right and impossible to question – man’s laws are merely relative to some principle that may be...

Web 3 Social

Web 3 Social Explains How to boost online sale and ecommerce

About four months back one of my clients consulted me on how best they could boost online sales on their ecommerce website for a big-ticket, much awaited electronic gadget. They said they were looking to boost their organic rankings and given the fast approaching product launch date, needed an Ecommerce web site solutions campaign as...

hickory stair treads

Cheap Engineered hickory stair treads

The Cheap Engineered Hardwood Flooring is one of best image reference about Hardwood Floor ideas. In this post, this image is the ideal collection of engineered hardwood flooring dalton ga, engineered hardwood flooring manufacturers, engineered hardwood flooring vs bamboo, that we have already downloaded specifically for you. We have actually created this outstanding image online...


Blackjack Magic

Memories of Kenny Uston Including his Greatest Blackjack Lesson, by Jerry Patterson Ken Uston was arguably the most famous blackjack player ever. His innovative blackjack team play techniques took millions off the Las Vegas blackjack tables before they were detected by the casinos. Player, Author, Instructor, Jazz Musician, and gambling raconteur, Kenny was a great...


Michigan Authorities Set up Pseudo Net Togel Betting Site

Amid the ranks of various factions of law enforcement in the United States seeking to stomp out gambling over the Internet, authorities have yet to go after the casual bettor. The Wayne County, Mich. Sheriff’s department has taken a crack at being the first to do so. . . sort of. During last year’s Super...


Ole! InterCasino Launches New Spanish Casino Thaibet168

The games and ECash have both been built in Spanish making the experience one of consistency from spinning the wheel to cashing your winnings. The Casino features many popular games including: Blackjack (Single and Multi-player) Break the Bank Craps (Multi-player) Let-it-Ride Poker (Single and Multi-player) Red Dog Slots Roulette (Single and Multi-player) Video Slots Spice...