Angry Birds to get st. Patricks Day Update, a Movie and new Games

Angry Birds Season will get another holiday update, this time Rovio will build a theme around St. Patrick’s Day. This new has just been announced by CEO Peter Vesterbacka during a discussion at the Game Developer Conference. He didn’t say when it will be release, but I can’t be long cause St. Patrick’s Day is already within 2 weeks (March, 17).

But there is more Angry Birds news, cause there will be a complete new application available next summer. Rovio did not disclose any details, so we have no idea if it will be a follow up, or a entire new game. Plans for a Angry Birds movie are still there, but according to Vesterbacka it will take a while. Rovio currently has a deal with 20th Century Fox for the film Rio, they will release an iPhone application together with Angry Birds, called Angry Rio, which will be released on March 22.

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