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One More Reason to Avoid Absolute sanghoki

So, I came accross an interesting discussion on one of my sites about shady terms for poker rooms when it comes to leaving a balance in your account.  One poster replied with a very interesting tidbit of information.  Apparently Absolute sanghoki has a condition on their Terms & Conditions that states if you don’t log into...


Full Tilt jala 428 releases Mac software

Were you looking for information on the new beta Mac Party Poker? New Macintosh poker rooms are popping up all the time now. Full Tilt Poker just released a downloadable version of their software for Mac OS X computers. Full Tilt Poker on a MacI run all my Mac or PC poker rooms on a...


Do Over slot gacor

My absolute favorite part of any Douglas Adams novel is the “Total Perspective Vortex”. It’s the most fearsome device inthe galaxy. In short, a victim steps inside and is shown his or her own value in relation to the universe as a whole. It shows everything, every planet, every form of life, spread out over...


American slot online indonesia Pros in WSOP 2011

Yesterday I posted an article summarizing the best Team slot online indonesia performances in WSOP 2011 for pros based in Europe. A number of European pros had incredible success, winning bracelets and enjoying 6-figure cashes. Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier had the most success, cashing for $811,639, but he was followed closely by Maxim Lykov, who cashed for...


Fruit-smuggling in sbo Denmark

The knock came through a dense fog of hyper-sexual dreams and worry that I sbo had somehow missed the final hand of a tournament that had not yet started. I jumped from the bed and found myself standing in a room decorated in East Asian chic. Where in the hell am I? Tai Pei? No, that’s...